Juanmoto x Coldtea

What happens when a chef from one of your favourite restaurants takes over a fun bar in Kensington? Juanmoto! Leemo Han from Hanmoto, Pinky's Ca Phe and OddSeoul created a new menu at the popular "hidden" bar in Kensinton Market, Coldtea. Being a fan of his food, I couldn't wait to try it.

One night after an event that didn't feed me enough, a few of my friends and I headed to Juanmoto. I didn't know about them but I knew I wanted to try pretty much everything on the menu - it's not hard because the menu is pretty small.

Check out the dishes we had:


Tamago Diablo

Juamoto Deviled Egg, chicken chicharron, black tobiko

Leche De Tigre Ceviche - avocado, taro chips, scallops, tuna, surf clams, prawns, tobiko

Steak Tartare - eye of round, wasabi seasoned octopus, quail yolk & tostada

Sashimi Plate - salmon, mongo squid, scallops, hamachi, uni, spot prawn & fried caper


Shime Samba - Torched mackerel ginger, daikon & chimmichurri

Teriyakitori Wings - charred, roasted with green sauce

Tempura McFly - chicken tempura, tartar sauce, green sauce, iceberg lettuce on wonderbun



Miso ice cream, dulce de leche, arare, Argentine butter cookies

I really enjoyed most of the items we ordered, but my top 3 would be:

  • Steak Tartare
  • Sashimi
  • Tempura McFly

If you're looking for a casual spot for super tasty food, check this place out!