Descendant Detroit Style Pizza

Our friend Ryan (@eatfamous) has been praisingDescendant in the East Side so much that we decided to stop by for lunch a few Sundays ago. It's also a nice excuse to get out of the downtown core and explore the quaint neighbourhood!

I've never had Detroit style pizza before but I went looking forward the thick and crispy crust that differentiates Detroit style pizza from Chicago or New York.


There were 4 people in our group and we wanted to try everything on the menu (there's 7 in total with an additional special usually) but we kept it classy and ordered a different pizza each, plus the special of the month:

sauce, cheese, pepperoni, Sicilian oregano, basil

Special: Memories
lunenburg sausage, pickled veggies, house made Russian dressing, steak slices & shives

cheese blend, slow-roasted garlic cremini mushrooms, caramelized onions, double smoked bacon, white truffle sauce, lemon zest, fresh Thyme, Grana Padano

kothu roti, mango chutney, cilantro cream, green onion, Calabrian chilis, fresh cilantro, coconut sambol

Electric Avenue
jerk chicken, fresh pineapple, curried lime aioli, green onion, Mama Lil’s Peppers, Diablo’s Fuego hot sauce

Descendant's pizzas come in small or large rectangles. Two pizzas would be ideal to share between three people; one is too much to have on your own but not enough to share between two people.

We went with high hopes and we must say that we're fallen in love with Detroit-style pizza! You'll notice that all the pizzas on the menu (except pepperoni) features exotic toppings and unique flavours, which I really liked. I can see some people saying that it's not really "pizza" when it lacks the tomato sauce and cheese but personally, being able to enjoy the the explosive flavours from their pizzas like Jaffna was great!

Let us know what you think about Detroit-style pizza!