Tuesday, January 10, 2017

REVIEW | Food Nook Tours - Roncesvalles

Toronto is made of many unique neighbourhoods, each with their own history, culture - not to mention restaurants and bars. It wasn't until Bria's Food Nook Tour that I actually spent an entire Saturday afternoon in Roncesvalles, where she took us to 5 shops and taught us all about the area.


I've been on a couple of other tours in Toronto and totally enjoy discovering hidden gems and getting a bite of some of the neighbourhood's best spots. Exploring on your own or with friends can be just as fun, but I find it really interesting to have a guide, especially if they're a local - like Bria!

Her tours are about 1.5 to 2 hours long and she takes an intimate group of up to 10 people to 5 shops, ranging from specialty shops, restaurants, markets, you name it! At each place, you get to sample their products (yum). She's lovely and super knowledgable about the neighbourhood so ask her for a recommendation on a dinner spot if you're planning to stay in the area after the tour.

The shops we visited:

All things chocolate! We especially enjoyed the chocolate covered potato chips!

Beautiful little cafe with baked goods and drinks, can't wait to go back.

Find some unique gifts! We picked up a hot sauce after sampling to spice up our life ;)

Fresh seafood anyone? We wish this was closer to where we lived. Their smoked trout was a hit!

Fun spot for wings and all things BBQ!


If you're looking for something to do on a weekend, contact Bria and go on a tour with her! Discover Roncesvalles like a local and get a few treats on the way.

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