Thursday, January 05, 2017

REVIEW | Ki Modern Japanese + Bar

We spent one Monday evening at Ki Modern Japanese + Bar in Brookfield Place for dinner and drinks. Located in the heart of the financial district, we weren't surprised to see so many people in suits. The restaurant is quite modern (as it says in its name) and chic and has that downtown bustle and liveliness, even on a weeknight. Not to spoil our experience in the first paragraph, but we're still thinking about the Dassai Sake we had with the Sake Sommelier!

We've been to many Japanese restaurants and izakaya's in the city but this is the first time that we've actually meet a Safe Sommelier. Michael Tremblay is a National Sake Sommelier and has created the largest sake list in Canada at Ki Modern Japanese. He's taught us a lot about the different sake and even took us through a tasting, which we highly recommend. The sake we tried was the Dassai '50' Junmai Daiginjo - super clean and smooth with a hint of fruits. A lot of places you can taste wine and whisky, but you have to try the Sake tasting here with him!

We started the night with some Izakaya menu items along with some cocktails. Available only in Ki's cocktail bar and lounge area, if you're there for just a few drinks after work, these bite-sized snacks are a nice addition.

Okinawan Margarita & Kyoto Sour 

Ginger Fried Karaage Chicken 

 Spicy Maguro Rice Cakes

At first, we were a bit overwhelmed with the menu as there are 3 full pages categorized by: Soups & Salads, Kushiyaki (grilled skewers),  Tempura, Nigiri/Sashimi, Makimonos, Signature Plates, Hot Plates and Cold Plates. We'd recommend asking your server for suggestions and for an explanation of the menu - our server seemed very seasoned and was great with recommending what we should order. 

We must say that the dishes are meant for sharing, so order more than just one item per person so you don't end up hungry at the end of the meal!

Sashimi: Binnaga & Hotate 

 Yuzu-Ichimi Mutso

Kiwi tuna Makimono, Tempura Butterfish Makimono & assorted nigiri

 Grilled Short-Ribs

 Garlic Fried Rice

Saikyo-Marinated Black Cod 

The standout of the night was from the Ki Modern Signature Menu - the Yuzu-Ichimi Mutso with noriko-ichimi duster butterfish. With cinnamon, pickled zucchini, plantain chips, served with mustard truffle oil and fennel-arugula salad, it was an explosion of flavours! 

The black cod was also one of our favourites of the night. 

There you have it, try the Ki Modern Japanese next time you're in the financial district and in the mood for some innovative dishes and sake tasting.

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