Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Toronto Real Estate is no joke and many other like us find it a struggle to keep up with a social life style and be able to afford the rent at the first of every month. Restaurants are no different and they face the same struggles if not more trying to keep up with the expenses. 

It should come as no surprise then that many restaurants come and go and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with what's new. We're especially excited that Te has opened up in the Ossington area and is a place we can go to for food and late night eats. 

Coming from the Spanish word for tea, Te is the next up and coming spot for Asian style tapas. Tapas to me always make me reminisce about dim sum, not quite the same thing but gives you that same feeling of being able to share your dishes with everyone. Why eat a bowl of pasta all by yourself when you can try ten different dishes? 

I absolutely loved their selection of cocktails, all of which incorporate some aspect of tea in it. Has the second drink from the right caught your eye? That's the signature Chai Milk Te and its basically the best of both worlds, a bubble tea with alcohol.

Toasted Kimchi Ravioli ($8)

Don't get me wrong - I love traditional Spanish Tapas with all its meat and cheese glory but Asian style tapas is a nice welcome change. Te offers something I haven't really seen in Toronto as yet and it's perfectly located in a spot where you can either go there to get your night started or maybe end there when you've finished that last drink and you're looking for something to fill that void in your stomach.  Check out a few of the dishes we tried out and find out which ones were our favourites! 

Bulgogi sliders ($13) and Braised Pork Crostini ($10)

We really liked the braised pork crostini, it's basically like having the five spice pork with rice except it's with a crostini.  

Unadulterated Sssam ($10)

This was another dish we really enjoyed. You get the best of Sssam without the hassle of having to cook it on the BBQ.

Dark Spice Taiwanese Fried Chicken ($15)

Don't let the dark complexion of this fried chicken fool you, the chicken was cooked well and was extremely flavourful. It's definitely a top choice as a snack to go with a drink or two. 

Kimchi Devilled Eggs ($5)

 Pizza Tteok Bok Ki ($9)

Squid Chon ($8)

Green tea cheesecake ($5) and Toast Sticks ($3)

My top picks of the night would probably have to be the squid chon, fried chicken, ssam, braised pork crostini and the desserts! It's great that the dishes are all good proportions and with a group of people, you could probably try the whole menu!

If you're in the Ossingston area, don't forget to stop by Te,, say hi to Tina and Grace and try some of their dishes and cocktails!

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