Saturday, December 05, 2015

EVENT | Ford Canada's Farm-to-Car Dinner at Actinolite Restaurant

How much do you know about what goes into making a car? I for one, didn't know at all what kind of materials or ingredients are used in creating a vehicle of any sort except for the typical plastic, petroleum, etc. When I was invited to a dinner to learn about Ford Canada's use of food by-products in their cars, I really had no idea what to expect. Food in cars? What?! After a wonderful dinner at Actinolite, I definitely left with my mind blown - the cars are really becoming greener and more environmentally friendly from the inside, and out.

The evening took place at the aforementioned Actinolite Restaurant, located on Ossington Ave., just a few blocks North of Bloor St. The restaurant is ran by a very resourceful and passionate chef, Justin Cournoyer and his team, offering seasons, local and creative dishes.  You'll see what I mean by creative below.

If you do get to meet him, you'll instantly feel his passion for creating dishes that are in season tying unexpected ingredients together. His collaboration with Ford Canada showcased in his 9-course menu using the ingredients that are either currently being used to make Ford Vehicles such as soybeans, rice huffs, coconut, or being tested in the lab such as bamboo, corn and algae. He elevated these ingredients to a level that I was extremely impressed - wait until you see the 'Birch' course!

Take a look at the tasting menu below!

Course 1 sustainable ingredient: Tomato
with Algae

Course 2 sustainable ingredient : Wheat
with Beer

Course 3 sustainable ingredient: Soy
with Milk

Course 4 sustainable ingredient: Bamboo
with Shiitake & Kelp

Course 5 sustainable ingredient: Corn
with Crab & Terragon

Course 6 sustainable ingredient: Rice
with Barley & Parsley

Course 7 sustainable ingredient: Cane Sugar
with Beef, Broccoli, Garlic

Course 8 sustainable ingredient: Birch
with Pear & Chocolate

Course 9 sustainable ingredient: Coconut
with Lichen

Do you see what I mean but truly unique and creative? The poached pear dish with candied birch leave and chocolates was just something I've never seen before. I sat there chewing on the birch leaf - who knew that it was edible? It was definitely one of the best desserts I've had and by far the most memorable. The leaf is actually from a birch tree that the chef planted when hew as a child.

As delicious as the entire meal was, learning about Ford's progress and initiative in creating greener vehicles was awesome. To learn more about the Farm to Car movement at Ford, click here.

Actinolite Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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