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LAUNCH | Café Boulud

Same great location, attentive service, and a beautiful hotel you enter through called the Four Seasons. So, what's different about the newly renovated Cafe Boulud? For one, it's the newly designed space that is modern and cozy;  another is a wide range of new menu items that is traditionally French but with influences that Chef Daniel Boulud soaked in from cooking and dining around the world in different cultures.


The new space was designed by award-winning designer, Martin Brudnuzki, who they named a house cocktail after - a refreshing take on a gin & tonic (try it!). I immediately noticed the casually luxe interior style and compared it to Drake One Fifty, which was indeed designed by him as well.

The banquets and 1950s-shaped chairs are definitely inviting - once you sit down, you won't want to get back up. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the food, drinks & the company!


Let's talk food. What ties together all the menu items is not the fact that both chefs are traditionall French chefs but allowing the experiences that Chef Boulud and Chef Assié had travelling and working with international chefs to influence each dish in a unique way. They wanted to create a menu that diners would love to order again and again.

The Quenelle de Brochet is a dish that both Chef grew up on in the French countryside while the Bouillon Pho from Vietname has its Eastern influences from Chef's travels. 

Charcuterie board ($25.00 /$45.00)
pork, chicken, goose, duck, rabbit

Beignets de calamar ($19.00)
beer battered, pickled hot pepper

Parisian steak tartare ($19.00/ $29.00)
prime angus beef, pickled condiments, mustard egg dressing & romaine

Kale grille & romaine ($16.00)
carrots, cumin, black olives, spiced yogurt

Cavatelli ricotta ($19.00/ $28.00)
lamb ragu, broccolini, pecorino cheese

Poulet a la broche ($29.00/ $63.00 with 2 sides)
rotisserie chicken, potatoes, greens salad

Quenelle de Brochet ($29.00)
lyon style northern pike quenelle with cognac lobster sauce

Blanquette au vert ($29.00)
veal stew with herbs and green vegetables

Homard aux choux ($55.00)
rotisserie lobster, bok choy, ginger beurre blanc

Fletan grenobloise ($38.00)
pacific halibut, cauliflower, capers

Rotisserie golden pineapple ($11.00)
rum-baba, raisins, coconut sorbet

Ile flottante
steamed meringue, maple-caramel, creme anglaise

There you have it! Almost everything from the menu. My top 3 choices would be the charcuterie, Fletan grenobloise (pacific halibut) and the Vacatelli Ricotta (lamb ragu).  If I was to go with a group of people, I would definitely recommend sharing the rotisserie chicken with a few sides!

I'm also going to have try the Bouillion Pho, because when's the last time you've had Pho at a French restaurant?

Café Boulud - Four Seasons Hotel Toronto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Our meal was complimentary but opinions are our own -

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