Tuesday, September 29, 2015

REVIEW | HoneyButter - Decadent Macarons and more...

Who doesn't love desserts? We certainly do and that's why we were so excited to try out HoneyButter's macarons!  

HoneyButter is a private dessert company founded by Grace who offers a wide variety of desserts including cheesecakes, tarts, cupcakes cookies and of course macarons. 

Anyone who likes to bake will tell you that baking is essentially a science. Proportions have to be exact or else the result turns out to be one of those "baking fails" that everyone laughs about.

However, not all baking is created equally...cookies and breads tend to be on the easier side and then there are the macarons...in their perfect little shells just taunting you to attempt conquering them.

Having tried and failed numerous times at making macarons myself, it's nice to know I can contact HoneyButter to order some and know that when they arrive they'll look nothing like my own personal baking fail.

The list of flavours for macarons is almost never ending and for HoneyButter it is no exception. Not only do they offer traditional flavours such as caramel, vanilla cream, they also offer fun variations such as rose, wintergreen mint and peanut butter spiced green apple just to name a few! 

The texture of the macaron shells were not too hard and just the right amount of chewiness. The fillings were also flavourful but not too overwhelming or sweet as we tend to know macarons to be on the sweeter side of the sugar scale. 

If the macarons are any indication of what HoneyButter has to offer, we can`t wait to try out more 

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