Monday, August 24, 2015

REVIEW | Homemade, delicious cakes without a high price tag from La Dulce Torta

If you've ever met Monica and I, you'll know that we are not ones to turn down cake or any dessert for that matter. They're the perfect desserts for any occasion, and there's nothing more satisfying than that first cut into a cake. There's definitely an abundance of bakeries across Toronto, including one that we came across recently, called: La Dulce Torta.

La Dulce Torta is a bakery that offers delicious, homemade and affordable cakes within downtown Toronto and GTA. Let's be honest, cakes don't come cheap and and customizing is a whole new story. Luckily La Dulce Torta can cater to what you're looking for, including wedding cakes! 

Their cakes are definitely on the affordable side and won't cost you an arm and leg. We got to try their double chocolate cake as well as the lemon cake. 

We were sold at chocolate, I mean chocolate on its own is already great but double chocolate is just too good to be true! The cake was decadent and rich, definitely perfect for all chocolate lovers out there! 

A 7" cake which serves 10-12 people only costs $30 and is worth every penny.

Just when I thought things couldn't get any better, I got a taste of the lemon cake. I find that not a lot of places offer a lemon cake, which is a shame cause anything acidic and tart ends a meal really well. There are those out there that prefer vanilla over chocolate (ahem, Monica) and she would choose the lemon cake in a heartbeat.

La Dulce Torta's lemon cake, with handmade lemon curd within a cintrus tinged vanilla cake, is definitely one of my favourites and would appeal to a greater audience and for those who prefer a cake that's not as sweet and rich.

Whatever cakes you decide to try, we suggest having it fresh as the flavours really come out and the cake is moist. The next time you're looking to order a cake, definitely consider La Dulce Torta. You will get a delicious, handmade cake without the high price tag.

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