Monday, August 03, 2015


Just over a year ago, Yasu Sushi Bar opened in Harbord Village, sending a buzz around Toronto about the newest spot for the best nigiri.  We, of course were intrigued and couldn't wait to try it - what took us so long, right? Finally, we made reservations and experience the sushi-only omakase at Yasu, first hand.

Omakase translates to a meal, comprised of Chef's selections.  Yasu offers an 18-course Chef-selected nigiri meal with a dessert at the end.

The restaurant takes 2 seatings on weeknights from 6PM and another at 8:30PM.  On weekends, there are 3 seatings at 5PM, 7:15PM and 9:30PM. And yes, a reservation is required to dine at Yasu.

As this is an Omakase-style meal, so naturally, the space is limited. At Yasu, that means 13 diners at the bar and 2 on a table by the window at one seating time. I personally suggest sitting by the bar to watch all the sushi-magic happen and be the first to get the pieces.  I noticed that the plates being sent to the table were after we were served our pieces first at the bar.

Without further a due, see below for each piece of  sushi that we had:

Shima Aji: Striped Jack

Tai: Red Snapper 

Hotategai: Scallop

Iwashi: Sardine 

Tai Ma Dai: Sea Bream 

 Zwaigan: Snow Crab

Hirame: Fluke 

Smoked Sockeye Salmon

Seigo: Sea Bass 

Kanpachi: Amberjack 

Ikura: Salmon Roe

 Toro: Bluefin Tuna - 3 ways:
fat, medium, lean

Aburi Saba: Smoked Spanish Mackerel 

Katsuo: Bonito

Tamago: Soft Egg

 Sesame Ice Cream
It was hands-down the best I've had in Toronto! I wish I can buy this separately.

Wow, what an experience! For both Clara and I, this was our very first sushi-only Omakase meal. We have to say that the whole seating from beginning the end was enjoyable and fun to savour the natural taste of each course.  We loved it to the very last bite of the Sesame Ice Cream!

At $80 per person for an 18-course Chef's selection, we definitely think it's worth it. 

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