Wednesday, August 12, 2015

GIVEAWAY | Share your Menchies Creation to Win a VIP Pass (7 free Menchies Cups)

Can you believe that we've stepped into August, nearing the end of summer? We're obviously hoping that the hot weather will continue until at least October (please, please, please).  In the meantime, Clara and I have been indulging in ice cream, popsicles, frozen yogurt, parfaits - you name it - to keep cool.  From those, froyo is definitely the most fun to make, especially the ability to make your own creation with a variety of toppings & sauces.

With that being said, we're hosting a giveaway for our good friends at Menchie'swhere you guys can win a summer VIP pass! 

There hasn't been a better time to go grab yourself a Menchie's cup. With their new Oreo Cookie Yogurt flavour, you'll want to go for more than just one.  I topped off my yogurt with my usual favourites: Oreo cookie crumbs, mochi, and almonds. BUT with my VIP pass, I topped it off with a treat - a nanaimo bar!  You too can win a VIP Pass to Menchie's this summer and #TreatYoSelf at every visit.

The Menchie's VIP Pass gets you:
- 7 free cups of yogurt in total
- 1 free cup of yogurt (up to $8.00) each visit

Use until September 30, 2015 in any one of Menchie's Canada locations!

Monica's local Menchie's at the Annex:

Clara's local Menchie's at Yonge & College:

 - Contest Closed - 

Winner: Cheryl @loucheryl

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