Wednesday, July 29, 2015

REVIEW | XXI Chophouse at The Doctor's House

To be honest, when I first heard someone mention The Doctor's House in Kleinburg, I had no idea what they were talking about. Then someone mentioned a cute white building in a quaint neighbourhood and I became even more confused. It's a good thing we were invited to experience XXI Chophouse and I'll never look back. 


After driving through some familiar territory... like where I had my high school prom (but no need to re-live that), we finally arrived at The Doctor's House, which is far from what its name suggests. It's actually a first class event space located right in the heart of Kleinburg Village and as soon as we arrived, I could picture a beautiful wedding happening there. 

Part of The Doctor's House is the newly renovated XXI Chophouse, which is chic, classy and sophisticated all rolled into one! 

Among other food-loving bloggers, we tasted some of what XXI Chophouse has to offer and lets just say we were not disappointed! 

Freshly baked bread  | Sampling of Appetizers
crab cake, lobster pot sticker, lobster bisque, steak tartar and zucchini crisps 

It is hard to pick a favourite of the bunch but it would probably be the crab cakes. 

Caprese Salad
heirloom tomatoes & bufala mozzarella garnished with frisse and dressed with virgin olive oil

This is hands down the most beautiful Caprese salad I've ever seen but don't let its beauty intimidate you. It's definitely meant for eating and not just looking! 

They also have a variety of proteins including rib eye, NY strip, filet mignon and ribeye, all cooked to perfection whether that means well done, medium or blue rare (for those adventurous souls out there!) 

Displaying IMG_2387.JPG

The sides were to-die-for as well. I would definitely recommend having the steak with some of the sides if not all! Some personal favourites of mine were the lobster mashed potatoes, mushrooms and potato gratin. 

Displaying IMG_2487.JPG
Mini Donuts 
fresh donuts sprinkled with icing sugar with three dipping sauces: salty caramel, peanut creme anglais, passion fruit coulis

If a second stomach ever came in handy, it would be right after this dinner. The donuts were airy and not too filling and the sauces were a perfect end to an amazing dinner. 


If you're feeling extra full, take a walk around the beautiful space with all the lush greenery and take in a breath of fresh air. 

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Our meal was complimentary but opinions are our own -

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