Sunday, July 26, 2015

LAUNCH |Blinco's Crepes & Coffee

I'm a big fan of crepes, especially savoury crepes! When I heard about Blinco's Crepes & Coffee opening just a few blocks away from me, I couldn't wait to try it out.  Blinco's had its grand opening just yesterday so it's really new to the neighbourhood. If you're in Etobicoke like myself, this may become your new crepe spot.

The interior is bright, clean and spacious with  one side of the restaurant offering seatings and another side for the kitchen where you can see your crepes being made from scratch! Blinco's is a semi-self-serve, meaning you order and pay at the register, find a table and the food will be brought to you.

With savoury crepes at $7.99 (choose all the toppings you want) and decadent crepes at $6.99, the prices are very affordable. They also offer breakfast crepes ($4.99) and snack crepes ($3.49).

We decided to order one from the savoury menu and one from the sweet menu:

 The one with Tuna Melt
Toppings: guacamole, corn, cucumber, tomatoes

Their savoury crepes are basically wraps, using crepes instead of tortilla since they're not open face. Instead, it is rolled up and pressed. I suggest using your hands to devour this one instead of fork & knives.

The one with Nutella & Strawberries

The sweet crepes are just what you want for dessert. The strawberries and Nutella combo - I mean how can you not like this?


Overall, their freshly made crepes are delicious! I would recommend not piling on too many toppings (like I did with my tuna melt) as it could take away from that tasty crepe.  Instead, keep it simple and you'll be more than satisfied. For my next visit, I'm already thinking about their breakfast crepes - the one with scrambled eggs & cheese.

Located on Shaver Ave. and Dundas St. W., it's right beside Harvey's - it's tucked inside a semi plaza so it may be hard to find.

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