Friday, June 26, 2015

REVIEW | Chef`s plate - Restaurant quality dishes in your very own home!

Chef's Plate is similar to Fresh Canteen (read our review here) which lets busy business people enjoy their time to the maximum without having to sacrifice quality. We all know what its like to work 9-5, commute home only to be too tired to do anything... So what do we turn to? Fast foods and dishes that probably aren't all that healthy for us. Chef's Plate solves that dilemma by delivering fresh ingredients to your door to make dishes that are worth sitting down for. 

The idea of it is pretty simple, check out their website every week for a variety of meals to choose from. You can check how long it takes to make each dish or what ingredients go along with it before making any hard commitments cause after all, not all weeks are created equal. Some weeks we might have more time than others to prep a meal. 

You can either choose a 2 person plan or 4 person plan each week and each plate ends up to $10.95 each. That seems fair as fast food meals cost that much and going out for dinner...that's a whole different story. 

Once you choose the meals you want, you put them in your cart and wait for them to be delivered the following Monday....seems too good to be true? It really isn't! 

We ordered the chorizo penne and warm eggplant salad for the week we got to test out! As promised, a box of ingredients was delivered straight to my house! 

Below is a picture of all the ingredients necessary to make the warm eggplant salad. Everything comes pre-portioned already...which means no measuring on my part and a lot less dishes to do! 

Below are the ingredients for the chorizo penne. 

Both meals were extremely easy to make, only took 30-35 minutes and as mentioned before, clean up was easy as there weren't too many dishes or extra utensils that we had to use! Each meal comes with a recipe card that gives step by step instructions so you really don't have to worry that your meal will turn out bad! 

The chorizo penne was definitely a crowd pleaser and we were even able to pack the leftovers for lunch! It's nice to be able to enjoy a nice meal after work without having to worry about buying groceries and then cooking the meal. We both love settling down to watch some TV at the end of the night and Chef's Plate definitely helped us maximize our time! 

If you're interested in checking out Chef's Plate, use the code FOODSISTERHOOD on your first order and receive 2 free plates (or 1 meal)!

Click here to redeem two free meals with Chef's Plate! 


Our meal was complimentary but opinions are our own -

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