Monday, June 22, 2015

McDonalds - The Great Canadian Taste Adventure

As much as we love going to a fancy restaurant for a three course meal with things we don`t know how to pronounce, the guilty pleasure for both of us will always be McDonalds. Everyone has their classic choices whether its a BigMac or a Filet-O-Fish but we were pretty pumped to try out some new options from the Great Canadian Taste Adventure. 

There`s something comforting knowing that where ever you are in the world, you will more than likely stumble onto a Mcdonalds. 

One fun aspect for me while I travel is going into a McDonalds and finding all the different options. Not only are there new things to try this summer, you can enter into a contest to try and win a Great Canadian Adventure. There are definitely many places in Canada I would love to travel to but haven't had the opportunity. Visit the website here for more info on how to win! 

Some of the items have passed but there is still time to try other things! 

The McLobster made with 100% Atlantic Lobster. This sandwich definitely makes me think back to when my family drove to the East Coast one summer :)

*Available from June 17-30*

Maple and Bacon Poutine  - made with cheese curds from Quebec. Saves the cost of a trip to head out there! 

*Available from June 3-30*

Chocolate Nanaimo Sundae - Nainamo crumble from B.C. Sundaes have always been my weakness and nanaimo bars have always been a favourite but not something I get often so it's a win win! 

*Available from June 3-30*

To join the adventure make sure to do the following! 

1. Photograph one of their 5 feature items

2. Upload a photo to your flavour passport and get a stamp! (Be sure to download the flavour passport) 

3. Repeat to increase your chances of winning! 

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