Friday, April 03, 2015

REVIEW | New Steak Offerings & Wine by the Ounce Program at Reds Midtown Tavern

Reds Midtown Tavern or Reds Wine Tavern are fun and lively spots in downtown Toronto for wine, cocktails and food but I wasn't aware that they recently added a steak menu and introduced a new Wine By The Ounce program. Having had great experiences at the restaurants, when we were invited to check out their steak offerings, we couldn't wait to try them.


The Wines By The Ounce program at Reds Midtown Tavern is a program fit for a wine lover that wants to try a variety of different wines during their visit. There is a total of 4 California Chardonnay and 4 California Cabernet Sauvignon options.

I went for 5 ounces of the Leaping Horse, California 2013 (pictured above left) with cherry, blueberry and hints of light oak whereas my sister went for 3 ounces of the Chateau Montalena from Napa Valley 2012 (above right) with ripe peach, green apple & melon.

The program is very much like a wine tasting but you decide how many ounce of the wines on the menu you would like with prices ranging from $1/ounce to $4/once.

Of course, we can't forget about the food.

Crispy Potato Flatbread ($12.55)
Arugula, parmesan cheese, sweet garlic, chimichurri aioli, slow-roasted tomato
& balsamic gastrique

Oysters 3 Ways ($17.95)
Spicy mignonette, aguachile sauce & ikura ponzu

 The steak offering at Reds Restaurants is better than I imagined since they're not a steakhouse. All their cuts are under $25 and comes with an accompanying side.  For additional sides there are regular options ($2.75 each) and premium options ($3.50 each).

For those that are like me, order a couple of additional sides to share with whoever you're dining with to get a taste of everything.

Lobster Sirloin ($23.35)
Sirloin steak topped with garlic chive poached lobster & hollandaise

Beet Salad with Goat Cheese
(premium side)

Knife & Fork Caesar Salad
(regular side)

Porcini-crusted Filet ($21.75) 
with truffle chive butter

Sides: Heirloom carrots & asparagus

Sticky Toffee Pudding ($6.95)

We were stuffed to the brim after this big dinner.  Overall, for the price for the steak offerings, it's definitely worth a visit for a date or a gathering. However, my favourite menu item at Reds still stand with their Crispy Potato Flatbread and my ideal night out here would include a bunch of dishes from their shareable menu with endless glasses of their wines by the ounce!

  Our meal was complimentary but opinions are our own -

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