Tuesday, March 24, 2015

REVIEW | &Company Resto Bar

When it comes to night life, nothing has Toronto beat. Having said that, for those of us living in the west end, finding ways to get down there, have dinner and a few drinks and finding a way home can prove to be quite troublesome. Luckily for us, &Company Resto Bar gives us that Toronto feel with a much shorter cab ride home.

What better place to go out for drinks and dancing than the heart of Mississauga, You certainly won't miss its grand entrance driving down Enfield Place. If you aren't lucky enough to find parking, there are parking garages nearby that are easily accessible.

Their new executive chef Ron Stratton who boasts a pretty impressive resume with over 20 years experience in the industry all over Canada has recently revamped their menu to with the concept of "fine familiar"cuisine. Simply put it means a menu which offers food that we're comfortable with like a burger and really elevating it to the that next level.

Another thing that's changed about the menu is the portions. Instead of sending out dishes that could feed the masses, their portions have been refined. That doesn't mean you can't share your dishes, it just means you'll probably be able to get an appetizer and a main without wishing you had worn sweat pants to dinner.

White Sangria, &Co. Mojito. I would definitely recommend the white sangria. It's always been a toss up between having the classic red wine sangria or white but &Company Resto Bar makes a mean white sangria which is extremely smooth.

Crispy Thai Calamari - flash fried calamari  with pickled vegetable and green curry coconut veloute ($15). The calamari was light and doesn't make you feel bad about ordering something that's deep fried. The cherry on the top for this dish is the green curry. It packs a punch to the light calamari and the two components complement each other quite well.

Duck Confit Poutine - hand - cut russet chips topped with Brome Lake duck leg confit, marinated curds, tarragon gravy and onion crisps ($18)

Salmon Wellington - fillet with light puff pastry, sweet corn puree, fresh buttered Ontario seasonal vegetables and red wine jus ($25)

The whole concept of a salmon wellington intrigued me so much I knew I had to try it. Anyone who watches cooking on TV knows that the beef wellington is no easy task. I was curious to know how that concept would translate into a salmon dish when most salmon can be cooked rather quickly to ensure that it stays moist and they seem to have found the secret.

USDA - In-house dry aged 10 oz. steak with Ontario goat cheese scalloped potatoes, ratatouille vegetables and veal jus ($36)

Brownie Banana Split - dark chocolate brownie with banana spring roll, seasonal berry compote, ice cream and sorbet ($12). A must try on the dessert menu, everything in this dish works together, from the crunchiness of the spring roll to the soft banana inside.

&Company Resto Bar is definitely a venue to consider when you're looking for your next dinner and nightclub experience in Mississauga. Make reservations to eat there later in the evening so you can get a few drinks and then enjoy the rest of the evening dancing.

Check their website here for events throughout the week! 

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-meal was complimentary but opinions are our own-

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