Wednesday, February 25, 2015

REVIEW | Golden Moon

Chinese restaurants tend to come and go in Mississauga due to the increased competition from existing restaurants or from the sheer volume of new establishments that seem to be popping up. Golden Moon seems to be doing something right as they have been doing quite well in a not so great location that has seen its fair share of tenants in the past.

We’ve been there many times for dinner and every time the restaurant is usually pretty full which is always a good sign. Specializing in Chaozhou and Szechaun cuisine, Golden Moon offers quality food for great value although we have noticed that the portions are becoming smaller than they were before. 


The restaurant itself is not big at all and when it's full it can almost feel a little claustrophobic with elbows all up in your space. Better to be safe than sorry and make a reservation to avoid waiting too long or waiting outside.

One of our favourites there is the bamboo rice. It's steamed with scallops and egg white in a bamboo leaf and offers more than the usual white rice that we would order at any other Chinese restaurant. 

Their Peking duck is pretty average and I wouldn't say it's anything special. For a bit of extra money, you can have it as a stir fry too with the lettuce wrap and I would definitely recommend adding that option. It makes for an extra dish and doesn't let any food go to waste! 

The sweet and sour pork dish is pretty good, not too much batter and not too greasy. This dish always seems to be a favourite with everyone and no left overs :(

Chinese sprouts cooked in broth. 

Fish cooked with snap peas and celery

While I wouldn't say Golden Moon has amazing Chinese food, it is certainly one of the better options in Mississauga that's worth a try if you don't feel like driving on the 401 to hit up restaurant uptown. 

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