Monday, February 23, 2015

REVIEW | Best Dragon Seafood Restaurant

In my opinion, Chinese restaurants usually tend to give the most bang for your buck. You can usually walk out of the restaurant feeling full and satisfied without a deep hole in your pocket. Best Dragon Seafood Restaurant is no exception especially since it's known for its seafood.

The great thing about most Chinese restaurants is that they offer set meals, making dinner decisions quick and painless with a large group. Best Dragon offers a variety of set meals with different option whether you want to go with crab or lobster. Most meals will come with a veggie dish of some sort.

Don't be worried that the meal isn't enough, it usually ends up being more than what they advertised but you can always order a la carte if you see something you want that's not part of the set.

One thing that we have learned from eating seafood at Chinese restaurants is be careful of how they prepare the seafood. They can either just stir fry with garlic and keep it simple or they will fry it with onion. While both taste great, fresh seafood shouldn't really be fried because it takes away from the freshness of the dish.

Our set didn't include the sweet and sour pork, this was a pretty good take on it and bonus points for using fresh pineapple!

This grouper fish was stir fried and then the bottom was fried. It was a nice touch to fry it and have two different textures in one dish.

As far as vegetable dishes go, this one was pretty good, I've always had a soft spot for king oyster for their buttery taste and this one wasn't too oily which tends to be a problem in a lot of other Chinese restaurants.

There's been a lot of hype with seafood restaurants lately sparked by Fishman Lobster Clubhouse's (read the review here) extravagant plating but in opinion, Best Dragon has better quality seafood at a much better price.

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