Monday, January 19, 2015

REVIEW | Home of the Brave

At last! My long overdue visit to the Home of the Brave finally happened for a late night dinner with my girlfriends.  Situated upstairs at the corner of King Street West and Portland Street, it's quite accessible by public transit but it could be hard to find parking.

This restaurant first caught my eye when I spotted a photo of their Kentucky Fried Handshake Sandwich (pictured above) - really eye-catching, isn't it?  From then I had the chance to get a bite of their menu offerings at food events and vowed to visit the restaurant since.  As I've heard and read good reviews from other bloggers, I went with high expectations.

The space itself is not too big but they made good arrangements to cater to diner pairs or groups of all sizes with plenty of seatings by the window, the bar, benches and booths.  As a group of four, we were seated in one of the booths for larger groups!  All the menu items we ordered were delicious and were indeed classic American comfort food with a creative twist!

To start, we all a round of their Root Beer Float (forgot to take photos) that took us down memory lane of our childhood. I don't like to drink pop but I usually can't say no to root beer! 

 Buffalo Cauliflower ($8.00)
Beer-battered cauliflower, buffalo hot sauce & ranch dressing

 Corn Bread ($8.00)
With roasted garlic & shallots, melted cheese, house double smoked bacon, green onion

 Kentucky Fried Handshake Sandwich ($13.00)
Fried Chicken with mayo, lettuce & buffalo hot sauce

 Chicken & Waffles ($16.00)
Crispy chicken with sour cream, spicy maple, green onion on sourdough waffles

 The 76er Philly Cheesesteak ($15.00)
Shaved ribeye with caramelized onion, red chili, melted cheddar & chives

Side: Tater Tots 
Crispy Potatoes with cheese, gravy & herbs

Left: Home of the Brave Burger ($13.00)
House ground ribeye with HOTB pickle mayo, house American cheese, tomato & lettuce

Right: Red Velvet Funnel Cake ($6.00)

Our favourites of the feast were the Chicken & Waffles, The 76er Philly Cheesesteak, Tater Tots and the Buffalo Cauliflower, although, everything was really, really tasty.

We did find the music to be super loud - it was a fun and casual spot to enjoy good food with great company but for your first date you might not be able to hear one another very well!

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