Wednesday, December 03, 2014

REVIEW | Ovest Cucina e Vineria

Ovest Cucina e Vineria, a cantina inspired Italian Kitchen has recently set roots in the ever growing King West District. With its wide pane windows, it definitely sparks interest to anyone walking by to take a peek inside to find out whats going on. Oh, and we forgot to mention, it's also a wine bar, meaning this might be the next go to place for anyone that wants to grab a drink during happy hour or on the weekend. 

While we think of most Italian restaurants as more rustic and homey, Ovest Cucina e Vineria gives a slight modern twist to Italian dining.

The interior of the restaurant accentuates clean lines and polished furnishings but incorporates that signature Italian home cooked feeling with a brick open kitchen concept.

As a wine bar, Ovest features their wide selection throughout the entire space whether it's a makeshift wall between dining areas or filling the floor to ceiling space with wine racks. It's definitely a great way to showcase their wine menu. If you need a suggestion, their house sommelier, Giammarco di Loreto is on site to give you the perfect pairing to your meal.

To celebrate their opening, we sampled a variety of appetizers and Italian classics and we were definitely impressed, especially as a few of the dishes supported the local culinary industry.

Sharp local cheddar cheeses from Ontario

Selection of charcuterie from Niagara

Beef tartare with capers on toasted crostini


Pickled peppers, mushrooms and truffles on crostini

Porchetta with signature spices 

Shrimp skewers

Arancini - risotto balls with mozzarella

Fresh Margherita pizza

Whether or not you`re looking for great bottle of wine with appetizers or a sit down family-style Italian meal, Ovest Cucina e Vineria is definitely worth checking out!

  -Our meal at this event was complimentary but opinions are our own-
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