Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WORKSHOP | Sausage Making Class at The Healthy Butcher on Eglinton!

Recently named 'Best Butcher in Toronto' by Now Magazine, the Healthy Butcher just may become your go-to butcher shop for organically & locally-sourced meats as well as sustainable seafood!  It's no surprise that The Healthy Butcher caters to those that 'live to eat' as they're passionate about food themselves. In fact, they're so serious, that they offer educational and fun workshops on roasting, knife skills, butchering and lots more...

The hands-on workshops and classes are held on weekday evenings and range from $40 to $125 per person depending on the class.  With an intimate group, you'll be sure to learn a new set of skills at these 2.5 hr classes at The Healthy Butcher in the company of other food lovers.

 When I first heard about their workshops, I thought it would be a perfect team-building exercise for co-workers but it would be great to take friends or family as it's a great time overall.

The Healthy Butcher Sausage War Media Class was hosted by co-founder Mario Fiorucci. This is said to be their most popular class and this might be because we get to eat the sausages that we make at the end! Just kidding - it's very informative and you can see everything that goes into the making of a delicious and organic sausage with no additives!

If you're someone that enjoys cooking at home you will definitely appreciate the quality of meats at The Healthy Butcher. Using quality ingredients makes a big difference in the outcome of the dish and being conscious about what we put in our body is becoming even more important to us.

Attending one of the classes at the Healthy Butcher can show you exactly how they handle and prepare the meats they're offering at the shop as well!

Take a look at the photos from the sausage class:


What you see, is what you get! It's no wonder why the quality and flavour of the HB meat is unsurpassed after seeing the sausage making process.

 The Healthy Butcher prides itself on offering organic meats that are raised on pastures without any use of antibiotics or  growth hormones and fed only certified organic feed.

If you're passionate about organic meat as well, you'll find beef, chicken, pork, lamb, duck, bison, geese, rabbit and more that are certified organic and locally-raised at the HB. 

So, just in time for the Holidays, what about attend a roasting class and impress everyone with the perfect roast or a rack of lamb?

For the upcoming class schedule, click here.

Photos from Rock-it Promotions.

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