Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Three birds in one meal with The Original Turducken by Echelon Foods!

Turkey dinners usually come twice a year for us - Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's a torture to have to wait from January to October to eat turkey again and count down the days until this bird makes it on the dinner table once more. This year, Echelon Foods sent us a Turducken to try out. The Turducken is almost like the Lochness monster, everyone talks about it but so few have seen it. Essentially, it's a chicken, duck and a turkey - all in one.

Don't be discouraged by the amount of meat as you don't even have to stuff it yourself! Echelon Foods offers the Original Turducken, which is a de-boned duck and chicken breasts wrapped with stuffing in a whole turkey that is also deboned.  You can either choose the Italian-Style Stuffing or Chicken Apple Sausage Stuffing. 

Another option is the is the Turducken Premium Roast, which is a de-boned duck and chicken breasts with stuffing in a whole turkey with the wings and drumsticks removed and resembles a football sized roast.  There's not a lot that you have to do to prepare with the Turducken options at Echelon Foods - life just got a whole lot easier... at least during the holidays!

We were looking for something more traditional and wanted something that looked like a turkey, so we decided to go with the Original Turducken and chose the chicken apple sausage stuffing.

Complementing side dishes to the Original Turducken, made by yours truly:

For those ambitious enough to try it at your next holiday dinner, make sure to follow the instructions on the packaging so you don't overcook the bird which in turn will dry out the turkey! the cooking time didn't vary much from a regular turkey and the same TLC is needed to get that Turducken at its maximum potential.

The taste of the duck was the most prominent of all three birds but it didn't overpower the rest of the meats at all. You will love carving the Turducken since it's deboned and every piece that you cut will make you look like an expert!

Don't be fooled by the size of the Turducken, although it looks smaller than your average turkey, it is just as filling because it's so condensed and contains so much meat and stuffing. A 5 kg Turducken was enough to feed 10 and have lots of leftovers for the next day.

Brave enough to serve a Turducken this Christmas? 
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