Tuesday, October 07, 2014

REVIEW | Sunday Brunch at Lisa Marie (Fidel Gastros) tucked away in Queen West

Located in the heart of Toronto's fashion district on Queen West lives Lisa Marie, a restaurant, snack bar, event space or in my case, a delightful brunch spot.  Created by Matt Basile, known for his popular food truck, Fidel Gastro, this quaint & welcoming eatery offers innovative and delicious menu that is sure to impress.  Recently, I made my first visit for their Sunday brunch service.

Lisa Marie's brunch service offers a total of 8 entrees for diners to enjoy. I usually love shorter menus like this because I have a hard time deciding. However, everything on their menu sounded appealing, I wanted to order them all! I knew that Lisa Marie was not a traditional bacon & eggs brunch spot, but dishes such as 'The Peameal, Eh" and "Bacon Explosion Benedict" definitely got my attention. I was immediately intrigued.

After we placed our order (you'll see what we got shortly), we waited patiently for our food, sipping on our Fresita cocktail and a glass of orange juice.

Frescita Cocktail ($10.00) & OJ

Double Pancake Pork Burgers ($14.00)
Two pork burger patties on pancake buns with lettuce, cheese & tomatoes served with maple syrup and pad Thai fries

Fried Cornish Hen & Corn Bread Waffles ($17.00)
Fried hen served on a jalapeno corn bread waffles with maple syrup & hot sauce served with pad Thai fries

I heard Lisa Marie served delicious brunch menu items and I am so glad I went. You definitely don't get the typical eggs, toast & bacon here but expect to see a much more refined yet totally brunch-appropriate dishes! With all entrees, you get an option for buttermilk fries or pad Thai fries. If you don't mind a bit of spice, go for the pad Thai fries - they are amazing! What a cool new take on traditional fries & potato wedges served at brunch.

I can't wait to go back to try the rest of their brunch offerings.

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