Friday, October 03, 2014

LAUNCH | Esquinas De Argento Wines now available at LCBO - a taste of Buenos Aires!

The Argentinian wine brand, Bodega Argento has launched a new pair of wines called Esquinas De Argento this month! What better way to celebrate an Argentinian wine launch than with delicious food, Argentinian graffiti artist and a steady flow of the new wines?  That's just what we did at El Almacen located in the Queen West neighbourhood.


The wine is named after Buenos Aires' vast street grid pattern, which reflects of the urban life there and we think it's a perfect complement to have in a vibrant city like Toronto! Both the Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio have a strong fruit flavour profile and would probably satisfy many of Toronto's upcoming wine connoisseurs.

As a fan of lighter wines for its ability to complement food so well, it comes as no surprise that the Pinot Grigio pairs well with seafoods, light pastas, grilled chicken and many cheeses. I think we can all call it with a night with a plate of cheese and glass of Pinot Grigio. 


The Cabernet Sauvignon is perfect for when you've moved on from the appetizers and ready to start your entrees as it is an excellent complement to lamb, beef, and other grilled red meats. No wonder people in Argentina love wine and grilled meat! 

Chorizo on crostini & Empanadas

The alfajores were perfect with the glass of pinot grigio!

Both selections of wine can be found at  your closest LCBO location for a price that won't put a dent in your pocket. The Cabernet Sauvignon is available for $11.90 while the Pinot Grigio can be found for $11.85. Both are excellent options for when you are planning your next dinner party or when you just need a night in to relax and settle in for some TV time.

  -Our meal at this event was complimentary but opinions are our own-

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