Sunday, September 07, 2014

OPENING | Chatime opens a new location in Toronto's Annex neighbourhood for more 'Good Tea, Good Time'

My favourite bubble tea brand, Chatime has its opened doors to their latest store, located in the Annex across the street from the St. George subway station. This location will be especially convenient for the UofT students nearby. I got a sneak preview of the store last week and ended up leaving with more love for Chatime and discovered their hidden gem drinks.

Growing up in Toronto, bubble tea has always been a thing in the Korean community (who doesn't like sweet tea drinks with yummy tapioca balls) but it wasn't until I first had a Red Bean Milk Tea from Chatime that I really became obsessed. 

Chatime first opened in Toronto in 2011 with their Bay & Dundas location and since then has expanded to 8 stores in Mississauga, North York, Markham, Richmondhill, Pacific Mall and Waterloo! It's no surprise to me that this brand is such a success because it is a very innovative in terms of their modern store, branding, ability to customize, and being highly interaction with their customers on social media; all the while staying true to their product by brewing only high quality tea leaves sourced in Taiwan.

What sets apart Chatime from other bubble tea brands is the ability to customize your toppings (pearl, pudding, grass jelly, aloe vera, coffee jelly & the list goes on), sugar level as well as ice level. Customization is crucial to customer satisfaction these days.

Spacious, clean and modern interior just like their other locations

Until last week, my go-to drink at this chain was the Red Bean Milk Tea, but I learned that there's so much more to Chatime ... so much more to get a taste of! We were spoiled with a bubble tea tasting and now, I will definitely need to go back for the new drinks I've tried.

Left: Pearl Milk Tea / Right: Taro Milk Tea with Pudding

Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea - one of their signature drinks

Chocolate Mousses / Wintermelon Mousse

Interesting Drinks to try:
- The Mousse Drinks really stood out to me! The mousse topped on top of the cold bubble tea reminded me of having that extra foam on your latte.
- The Fresh Tea/Tea Espresso Drinks, specialty tea brewed to order, are refreshing and light to take on the go with no dairy. My fave was the Japanese Sakura Sencha!
- The Energetic Mix Drinks (special Taiwan health drinks)
- They also serve coffee!

We also had a bite of their Chatime Bubble Tea Shaped Cake! I hope they make miniature version of this chocolate cake with green tea buttercream as it was so yummy.

After meeting the team behind the Chatime Ontario: Kenton, Thomas (Vincent wasn't able to make it), I saw their passion for this brand and I feel that it'll only grow from here!

So, there you have it fellow bubble tea lovers, another location to go bubble-tea crazy at! 

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