Tuesday, September 02, 2014

NEWS | Zomato is launching in Toronto: What it is & How to use it for the full Zomato Experience

There's a new foodie guide app coming to Toronto: Zomato! The name is definitely catchy but what makes Zomato different from the other apps we're already using, like Urbanspoon and Yelp? Zomato's guide focuses on providing users information on delivery, dining out, cafes & even nightlife in major cities world wide in India, New Zealand, Brazil, Portugal, Chile, United Kingdom... and many more. I think it's safe to say if you're traveling to those cities, you can count on Zomato for your gastronomic adventures.


Zomato Fun Facts:
 - First founded out of a living room in New Delhi on July 2008
- In 110 cities within 13 countries & counting
- Over 259,000 restaurants listed & growing every day
- approx. 750 people in 13 countries with 25 different nationalities
- 132.1 million foodies served since 2008

How to use Zomato:

It really isn't your typical food guide, it's must more interactive and personal (if you let it be). The app and website are both seamless and super user-friendly - not to mention beautiful! 

Our personal favourite feature is the ability to discover restaurants based on how you're feeling or what you're looking for. For example, you can click on "Trending Now" for the popular list of restaurants:

or any other categories under Zomato's Collections:


We're super excited to announce that we're part of the Zomato Community so watch out for our reviews & activity by following us! We also will be organizing brunches, dinners & cocktail to meet some of you & feast together.

For more info, visit www.zomato.com and follow @Zomato

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