Tuesday, September 30, 2014

EVENT | Food Phone-O-Graphy Class with Henry's Cameras - tips for your next best #foodporn photo!

You guys probably know that we like to take photos of everything we eat or drink (just check out our instagram: @foodsisterhood). Because a lot of our photos are taken at random times of the day, we often use our cameras on our phones to take the food photos, meaning it's not high quality photography. Thank God for Henry's Phone-O-Graphy classes because I attended one last week and left with some awesome tips and tricks to taking better drool-worthy food photos with my phone!

First of all, I had no idea Henry's Cameras held these awesome photography classes! I was surprise to find out they actually have 40 different courses with over 15,000 students - wow. For someone who knew Henry's as just another shop to buy cameras, this is big news.

In addition, Henry's is now offering eight camera phones to their customers, including the new Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, Note 3 and Sone Experia T3 and Z2, all of which they offer classes on using its camera functions.  With every phone purchase & activation, customers also receive the Canon SELPHY CP910 Printer (compact printer that allows you to print your jpeg or photo on the spot by WiFi), phone tripod & $25 gift card as well as one free phoneography class. What a deal, right?

This special class was held at a new restaurant that I've been eyeing since it's opening few weeks ago: Thoroughbred Food & Drink.  Let's just say I was one happy girl with tasty food, drinks, new phoneography skills & great people to enjoy it with!

We started the class with some of their cocktails:
Left - Steeplechase: Jameson, apricot liqeuer & amaro
Right - Catalina Wine Mixer: sherry, strawberry cordial, gin & aperol

Then, the food was served!
As Ren Bostelaar (Henry's Expert) taught us his recipe for food phoneography, I was trying to put his tips into practice - did I improve?

Summer Squash Salad ($6.00) with watermelon chunks, pine nuts & padano

Broccoli Marrow with Broccoli carpaccio, plum vinegar & mache

Kung Pao Cauliflower with cashews, cilantro & chilli

Steak Frites with butcher's tenderloin, potato wedges & parsley salad

Lake Huron Bass with wild rice, succotash & smoked clams

Banana Split ($9.00) with brown butter ice cream & flourless chocolate cake

Here are some tips that I learned that may help your next food photo:
1. Go for the best angle: whether you shoot from a bird's eye view or at a 45 degree angle, think about the details that you are trying to capture. Bird's eye view can emphasize the patterns & textures of the table setting while getting close to the dish will shoot details.

2. Turn off the flash: Instead, use a lighting source to shine light on the food when you're in a dark area. My fish & banana split was shot with my friend's phone torch shining down at it. But of course, natural light is always the best source of light.

3. Use photo editing apps: Raw photos are great but sometimes adjusting the exposure, contrast, saturation or playing with filters give the photo something extra. I love using vscocam personally! However, be careful not to play around with the filters too much, some just ruin the photo's original colours.

4. Add a human element by putting yourself in the shot such as your hand on the coffee cup or your knife about to slice the meat.

Now, you're set to elevate your social media feeds with amazingly appetizing food photos!

For more information on Henry's School of Imaging, click here or leave a comment below & we'll be sure to answer you!

  -Our meal at this event was complimentary but opinions are our own-

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