Thursday, August 21, 2014

OPENING | Montreal's popular PoutineVille opens in Toronto's Annex neighbourhood

The arrival of Poutineville to the Annex means that we can finally have all you can eat poutine and a heart attack - just kidding! We don't mean a real heart attack but Poutineville's infamous 15 lb. poutine called 'The Heart Attack."

Co-owners  Kosta Kariotakis and Camillo Fresco's vision of selling the best poutines which originated in Montreal has quickly grown to locations in Quebec City and Toronto as well.  What makes this poutine joint stand out from the rest is definitely the variety on the menu, an option to customize your very own poutine, all you can eat poutine and the largest poutine you'll find in Toronto! 

Our evening began with delicious drinks made by Mixologist Nishan Nepulangoda. If you don't think poutine and cocktails mix, think again because upscale interior doesn't make you think you're in a poutine restaurant at all! Their Toronto location has a full service-bar, lounge area, banquettes and even a cozy patio ensuring your needs are met regardless of the occasion.


The infamous heart attack aka the biggest poutine in Toronto - French crispy potatoes, chicken, bacon, hot dogs, minced beef, ham, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, fresh cheese curds and mozzarella with home made poutine sauce.

Montrealer - French Crispy home fries with Montreal smoked meat, sauteed mushrooms, home made poutine sauce with swiss cheese au gratin and a fried pickle on top. 

Not to fret if you are a vegetarian, there is an option for you as well! The poutine pictured above has sweet potato, green peppers, black olives, corn and daiya cheese! Not to mention the gravy is vegetarian friendly as well.

Even if among all the different options on the menu you still can't find a poutine that you like, you can create your very own using Poutineville's poutine checklist. Customize your very own poutine from start to finish with your choice of potatoes, cheese, vegetables, meats, sauces and even extra cheese! A few of the toppings that we would want on our poutine is the pogo, philly steak and hot dog! What's on YOUR poutine?

If poutines aren't your thing, burgers, sandwiches, salads and an assortment of appetizers are available to you as well!

Steam Whistle was also set up on the patio that night because as far as snack foods go, beer and poutine make a pretty great pair together!

-Our meal at this event was complimentary but opinions are our own-
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