Friday, July 18, 2014

REVIEW | My Beauty Tea - Natural tea for beauty from within

In a world that is primarily dominated by coffee and coffee inspired drinks, tea has been slowly creeping back into the main stage as an alternative to coffee. We absolutely love how much tea has evolved and now there are so many different blends of tea that you can enjoy!

We recently tried some of My Beauty Tea and loved that their teas are 100% natural made with flowers, fruits and natural flavours! We normally think of having tea on a cold day but with these new blends, you can easily make iced tea for that summer BBQ! 

I drink tea on a daily basis but usually from a standard green tea bag so I love experimenting and trying different types of tea. The two kinds I tried were Pink Blossom and Beauty Blend.

Pink Blossom - With a green tea base, this tea is blended with elderberries, French lavender flowers, pink pepper, cornflowers, safflowers, calendula, rosemary leaves and natural flavour. I was a little bit thrown off at first with the list of ingredients but was pleasantly surprised at what a great blend it was. The base flavour of the green tea is not lost but the other elements of the tea gives the tea a fruity and aromatic touch to the tea. It was definitely a tad lighter than just green tea on its own. 

Beauty Blend - This tea is for those who are extremely against caffeine or can't go to sleep after drinking caffeine. This herbal tea is caffeine free and blended with cinnamon bark, boldo leaves, spearmint leaves, orange peels, black tea leaves, camomile flavours and rosehips and mallow flowers. This was definitely a very refreshing tea and although I tried it hot, I'm sure it would taste great as an iced tea with a hint of agave syrup.  This tea is very calming and good on your digestive system so drink a few cups after you feel like you've had an extra plate or two of food. 

We love that My Beauty Tea is all Canadian and offers a large variety of teas including fruit teas, black teas and rooibos! 

Just a general rule of thumb, 1 and1/2 teaspoons of tea leaves steeped for 3 minutes will give you a perfect cup of tea! Each 50g bag of tea makes approximately 25 cups of tea so you can be sure that it will last you a while but it's definitely best consumed within 12 months!  

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