Monday, July 14, 2014

LAUNCH | Bar Mercurio - introducing the 'Love our pizza or it's free' challenge!

For the past 17 years, regular patrons have come in and out of Bar Mercurio solely based on word of mouth. Rather than continuing to keep its authentic Italian cuisine a secret, they are launching their “love our pizza or it’s free” challenge. After having tasted their food first hand, we don’t think they’ll be giving many pizzas away for free!

The interior definitely left a memorable impression for us with its rustic décor. It felt like we were dining at a one of a kind restaurant right in the heart of Italy.  

Bar Mercurio officially launched their pizza challenge which runs from July 9th to August 9th. They are challenging guests to try and their pizza and if you don't love it, your pizza is free! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal but beware - you may fall in love with their pizzas!

Their pizzas are made with a famous family recipe dating back to 1923! The pizza crust is thin and crispy, the way pizzas were meant to be made! Along with a few of their famous pizzas, we sampled some highlights from their seasonal menu and we loved those just as much as as the pizza!

Keep reading to find out how to enter! 

Piccoli Torte di Grancchio - triptych of crab cakes, mango fennel sesame spaghetti garnish, saffron aioli

Tonna Ahi Al Nachos - Ahi tuna, crispy wontons, avocado relish, truffle aioli, cilantro pesto and a spicy Kochujang sauce. 

Who knew a Korea hot pepper paste would work so well with nachos?!?

Pizza Maiale- with a cured and smoked pork belly, roasted fennel and red peppers

Polpo Ai Ferri - Grilled octopus chickpeas and casava crisps

The grilled octopus was extremely tender and the chickpeas made a really great addition to the overall texture and taste of the dish.

Pizza Rapini -  sauteed garlic rapini, raosted tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella E.V.O.O

Pizza Acquadauzano - with nuozzoli (pork shoulder reduction), Italian buffola mozzarella, and extra virgin olive oil

Calamari Fritti Picante - spicy pepperonata and pesto 

House made spicy olive oil and regular olive oil 

Pizza Gamberi - pomodoro, mozzarella, shrimp and fresh garlic, chili

Pizza Uova - pomodoro, mozzarella, black forest ham, fresh artichokes and egg

Gnocchi Gorgonzola - House Made Gnocchi in a light gorgonzola sauce 

Banana Gelato made in house 


We will definitely be back to try the rest of their menu especially after we noticed they have a Fresh Fettucine in a truffled duck ragu on their menu. After dining at Bar Mercurio, it's no surprise that they've been around for 17 years only through word of mouth!

To accept the challenge, simply send an email to with dinner reservations! Good luck to all who attempt the challenge! 

-This meal was complimentary but opinions are our own-

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