Friday, June 27, 2014

REVIEW | Mississauga Marketplace Fish and Chips

Although fish and chips may seem like a fairly easy meal to prepare by deep frying a battered covered fish, there are so many components to creating the perfect texture and taste.  If you’ve read our review on Homestyle Fish and Chips, you’ll realize that it’s definitely one of our favourite places in Mississauga but it was closed one day so we had to venture out of our comfort zone and decided to try Mississauga Marketplace Fish and Chips.

Their menu definitely offers more variety than the traditional fish and chips joint with soup options, calamari etc…This is a great option for groups that want to share their food and be able to try more items on the menu.

Although the clam chowder was hearty with a lot of ingredients, the taste was slightly below average. It tasted more like soup from a can rather than freshly made soup.

The fish and chips batter was a little thick which slightly over powered the fish. The fish itself was a little bland and low on seasoning. The thick cut fries paired well with the chips and wasn’t too greasy. The tartar sauce was delicious. The sauce went well with the fries and the fish and we ended up asking for more because it wasn’t enough.

The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, and this place is definitely an option for a quick meal as you can order ahead of time and pick it up. Make sure to ask for extra tartar sauce!  

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