Friday, June 06, 2014

REVIEW | JaBistro - another visit for Monica's Friday night sushi craving

Remember my first visit to JaBistro (read review here)? After that pretty-much-perfect dining experience, I've been looking to go back for another meal.  A while ago, my mom and I went to a concert at the Roy Thompson Hall and decided to head to JaBistro for a late dinner as we were starving afterwards.  This time around, I ordered different menu items from my first visit and made sure to order some of their popular sashimi.

I did make reservations that day to make sure we weren't going to be turned away at the door. Good thing we did, because even at 9:30 PM, the place was packed!

So, here's what we had:

Lobster Broth Miso Soupe ($5.00)
This was a nice start to our meal - it's not filling and does a good job stimulating my taste buds!

 Sashimi Sampler ($30.00) - incredibly melt-in-your-mouth pieces to satisfy a craving.  The Sampler portion is perfect if you're ordering other dishes from the menu.

Aburicious ($20.00) - blowtorched aburis: 2 ebi / 2 saba / 2 salmon / 2 JaBistroroll

Matcha Green Tea Brownie - with matcha icre cream and corn flakes
The matcha brownie was delicious - same rich texture as a regular chocolate brownie but without the overpowering sweetness.  The combination of the cold ice cream, the crunchy corn flakes with the brownie was unique and also delicious.  Great end to my meal.

Again, what a delicious Japanese meal. I love everything about Jabistro - the food, the staff and the overall vibe. Watching the Chefs creating artwork with sashimi by the bar while you dine is also a plus!

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