Monday, June 09, 2014

REVIEW | The Hogtown Vegan - a fun take on vegan fare

Vegan food has never been to my go to choice for a meal as I would always prefer to have meat in my meal. Having said that, we all probably have a friend or two who is vegetarian and sometimes we feel bad they always end up choosing a salad from the menu.  The Hogtown Vegan is known for their take on restaurant favourites but with a vegan twist on it. I love that the restaurant gets creative and create dishes like "phish and chips" and "shitake fried clams" just to name a few.

We went there for brunch on Sunday and loved that there was no line up even though we were there at prime brunch time around 12:30-1pm.  We were only offered the brunch menu but did see other tables with dishes that weren't on the brunch menu so you probably have to ask for it separately. 

Tortilla Salad - crisp romaine, black beans, diced tomatoes, guacamole, corn tortillas, sunflower sour 
cream, and scallions in a chili lime dressing. Of all the dishes we had that day, this was probably my least favourite. I felt the salad was a little bit over dressed and the dressing itself was a little too acidic. The corn tortillas definitely added a crunch to the salad that was welcoming and the guacamole was quite tasty. 

Unchicken and waffles - fluffy corn waffles topped with fried unchicken and maple syrup. This dish was quite impressive as the texture and taste of the chicken was extremely similar to non vegan chicken and I would not mind becoming vegan if I could eat this all the time. 

Omelet - Fried tofu "egg" omelet stuffed with caramelized onions, mixed mushrooms, daiya cheddar and fresh herbs served with a side of home fries. This omelet was also not a something I would choose vegan over the real thing as the tofu egg omelet lacked the substance and texture of a real egg. 

PB and Banana French Toast - two pieces of french toast stuffed with peanut butter, banana and tofu bacon.  The tofu bacon was very tough and hard to eat as it was hard to bite though it. Other than the bacon, the french toast was quite delicious.

Although their brunch menu items are well inspired and creative, it failed to impress as the menu was quite limited in choice and the items we did try did not have any wow factor. You can't judge a restaurant strictly on their brunch item that they only offer on weekends though and I would definitely be interested in heading back there for their lunch or dinner menu.

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