Tuesday, June 03, 2014

EVENT | Mysteriously Yours Murder Mystery - Food Sisterhood at the Dinner Theatre

Last month, we were invited to a murder mystery dinner theatre show at Mysteriously Yours. I personally have not been to a dinner theatre but heard some great things about how interactive and fun it is. I also loved reading crime books as a teen so murder mystery sounded like a great way to spend my Friday night! The show I attended was a Speakeasy theme with flappers and gangsters and guns... oh my - the opening night of East Side Marion's Emerald City Night Club.

Mysteriously Yours is located conveniently on Yonge, just a short walk from either Davisville or Eglinton TTC Stations. The theatre is grand, inviting and filled with tables and seats for dinner.  As for the Speakeasy theme, many guests arrived in the 1920's dress code (I wish I had too!)  As guests were arriving and being seated, my friend and I were quickly greeted by our server (also in a gangster outfit) and given water and cocktails.

Our three-course dinner came out quickly and the server was very attentive.  It was when were finished our main entree that the actors began to fill the room, of course, in character.  I realized dinner theatre was "interactive" because these characters actually perform the show on the floor, instead of them being on stage - love this concept!

The first act was pretty much the development of the characters and conversations so the guests can pick up on clues and hints.  East Side Marion, the victim was a performer excited for the opening night of her Emerald City nightclub (wizard of Oz theme anyone?) but was found dead!  We had to really pay attention and listen to each character as detective Sam Spade questioned them for motives.

During the play some of the guests were given a line or two to say and were incorporated into the show itself, which was so funny. I have to give it to these actors for being so witty and thinking on their feet.  They are only given the storyline with specific lines they have to say, with majority of the play being improvised! I was so impressed by this.

At the end, my friend and I both guessed the right suspect! At the end of the play, we all had to write down who the culprit was and the reason for it with all the right answers going in for a draw to win a trip for 2 to NYC!  Unfortunately, even though we guessed correctly, luck was not on our side.

I can't forget about our diner that kept us full through the show:
Little Caesar Salad - romaine hearts, bacon, croutons, drizzled with creamy garlic dressing

Baked Salmon with Rockefeller Aioli - spinach, garlic, fennel & lemon aioli with yellow rice pilaf & green beans.

Braised Bonelesss Beef Ribs Medallion with bourbon brown gravy, smashed red potatoes & green beans / Black & White Cake - chocolate brownie with white chocolate drizzle & raspberry coulis

Grasshopper Custard Cup - mint key lime custard & whipped cream

We had so much fun at Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre. It's definitely a unique idea for a date, birthday party, a bachelorette party (there was one that night) or any special occasion, really. It would also be a great corporate event idea - dinner and working together to solve a mystery!

If you're looking for something other than the typical dinner & movie on a weekend, try a murder mystery at the Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre.

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-The meal was complimentary but opinions are our own.-

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