Friday, May 09, 2014

REVIEW | Yamba Yogurt - Aussie style yogurt made with 100% Canadian Milk!

We all know the health benefits of having breakfast every morning to kick start your metabolism for the day.  However, I rarely have a full breakfast before I rush to work and end up starting my day with a big cup of coffee - I know.. horrible habit! So, I was delighted to have found Yamba Yogurt, a new Australian-style yogurt brand that is gluten-free, probiotic, prebiotic and most importantly, ultra delicious!

I am not the biggest fan of yogurt, pudding, or anything that has thick consistency, so even when I make smoothies, I leave it in the blender for longer to thin it out.  BUT, when I tried Yamba Yogurt, I didn't mind the texture at all - in fact, I enjoyed it! It is rich and creamy without being super thick.

Another differentiation that I liked about Yamba Yogurt is their re-sealable containers and the double serving.  More yogurt to make a complete but easy meal out of it. I found it to be very convenient to take with me to work or on the subway to have it on-the-go!

I tried the plain yogurt and the strawberry and enjoy them both for different reasons.  WIth the Plain yogurt, I appreciated the simplicity and the option to customize it with fruits or granola. It's perfect to indulge in that rich, creamy texture of Yamba Yogurt, made with 100% grass-fed cow milk.

As for the Strawberry, it had the right amount of sweetness from honey used as sweetener and the real strawberry pieces!  I added some sunflower seeds and bran squares to my strawberry yogurt to have for breakfast one day - you gotta try it too!

Benefits of Yamba Yogurt:
- high protein
- probiotic & prebiotic
- rich, creamy texture and delicious taste
- made with Canadian grass fed milk, high in Omega 3's & CLA's
- no additives or preservatives
- honey sweetened
- gluten free

They come in 2 other flavours, Honey & Blueberry - check them out!
Personally, I am dying to try the honey flavour!

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