Thursday, May 08, 2014

LAUNCH | The Big Green Egg - The Ultimate BBQ Cooking Experience

Now that the weather is getting nicer, it’s time to dust off the patio furniture and start thinking about throwing barbeque parties in your backyard. Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing barbeque or looking to buy your first and possibly last barbeque, you should definitely check out the Ontario Gas Barbeque store!

Also known as the World's Largest Barbeque Store, Ontario Gas Barbeque is an impressive showroom located in Vaughn, Ontario.  At over 50,000 square feet, it is home to over 150 different kinds of barbeques and pretty much anything else barbeque-related, including the The Big Green Egg (BGE).

We had a chance to visit the store for a demonstration of the BGE and got to check out some of the other products that they offer. 

The great thing about Ontario Gas Barbeque is the simplicity of the store's design and organization. The barbeques are located throughout the store organized by type. There is a section in the front where you can purchase cookbooks, different rib sauces (you gotta try them all) as well. Other sections of the store include areas to pick up wood chips for that smokiness that everyone loves or charcoal.

Knowledgeable sales associates are readily available in the store to offer any help and guidance to customers in choosing that perfect barbeque, so don't be afraid to grab someone for help!

Known by many as the Ultimate Cooking Experience, the BGE is made from ceramic materials with a lifetime warranty and known as the best 'kamado-style' cooker in the world. From the looks of it, it doesn't seem like much but when you see it in person, you will quickly realize that the BGE is made with extremely sturdy materials.

Unlike your traditional barbeques, which can take up quite a large amount of space, the BGE is does not take up much room and leaves more space on your patio to entertain more guests!

This ham took approximately 4.5 hours to cook in the BGE and you can see the beautiful colour of the meat and how evenly the heat was distributed to cook the entire ham, inside and out!

Truthfully speaking, cooking at a barbeque party has always been the men's responsibility in our family and they don't seem to mind standing outside, drinking beers and cooking everything! This tradition definitely would have continued until we realized that you can do more than just grill meat on the BGE. The BGE can also be used as an oven, allowing you to bake cookies, pies, pizza and more! If that wasn't enough reason to get out there and enjoy cooking in the sun, we don't know what else is! 

The insulating ceramics of the BGE also allow you to control temperatures at a very low heat enabling the use of the BGE as a smoker. Add an assortment of smoked wood chips and you'll have your neighbours coming over wondering what's cooking on the other side of the fence!

We absolutely love that the Ontario Gas BBQ store has such a large variety of barbeque accesories.  Additional perks of the BGE include all the extra "eggcessories" that you can purchase with your BGE! A personal favourite was definitely the deep dish pizza pan you can buy. You can also purchase poultry roasters, grilling racks for peppers, grill rings and other useful tools that will allow you to use your BGE to its maximum potential. You can even purchase cookbooks with recipes that are tailored just for the BGE

Unlike traditional barbeques that only come in one size, the BGE comes in 5 convenient sizes ranging from the Mini (pictured above), Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. No matter the size of your household, we're sure you will find an Egg that fits your needs! 

Want to buy the BGE? Find a local dealer here! The BGE can also be purchased at the Ontario Gas BBQ store.  

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