Wednesday, May 14, 2014

REVIEW | Rose City Kitchen - tasty & quick Middle Eastern snack bar in the Queen West neighbourhood!

Looking for a quick snack or a full-out meal on Queen West? Yes, there's a LOT of places to choose from, but nothing quite like the new Middle Eastern snack bar, Rose City Kitchen

Ever since their opening earlier this year, I've been dying to go try this spot that quickly created a social buzz amongst some Toronto foodies.

It's a quaint and small 15-seat eatery at the corner of Cameron Ave and Queen St with most diners to be walk-in's.  All their food offering is made from scratch with quality ingredients with pitas cooked in the wood-oven right before your eyes.

Their three main dishes are pita sandwiches, poutine and salad, which you can choose from 4 different proteins: falafel, chicken, steak and halloumi (a Cypriot cheese made from goat's milk). 

RCK Poutine ($7.00)
Fries with hummus, tabouleh & shredded halloumi

Moroccan Steak ($5.00) & Moroccan Chicken ($5.00)
Harissa dressing, couscous, lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, almonds, apricots, parsley & chickpeas

Greek Chicken ($5.00) & Egyptian Steak ($5.00)
Tzatziki, cucumber, red onions, tomatoes, lettuce, oregano, garlic oil & halloumi cheese
Eggplant, red onions, chickpeas, dates, cabbage, lemon juice & garlic oil

RCK Original Chicken & Steak ($5.00) each.
Hummus, tabouleh, home fries, carrots, lettuce, garlic oil & cherry harissa dressing

I really enjoyed each and every pita sandwich we ordered, with my favourite being the Moroccan Steak or the Chicken. The combination of the ingredients packed inside the pita pocket was very tasty.  I also recommend squirting some of their rose-water infused hot sauce to give your sandwich or poutine a little kick! 

Because of their half-size pitas, you can easily order 2 or 3 different types of sandwich as a meal. With fresh ingredients and quick service at very affordable prices, it's no wonder they're always booming with customers.

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