Monday, May 26, 2014

REVIEW | Jedd's Frozen Custard - smooth, creamy & tasty custard made fresh everyday!

As much as I love custard, I've never had frozen custard in my life, so when I heard about Jedd's Frozen Custard being a few blocks from my work, I made no hesitation to head there for lunch with my co-workers! It's a relief that while they specialize in frozen custard, they offer daily specials like soup, sandwiches, quiches and salads for the lunch crowd and croissants, tarts, pies and cakes for dessert lovers as a cafe and patisserie.

Jed had frozen custard for the first time in the United States thinking it was ice cream in 1993 as an international student. Little did he know, it wasn't ice cream... but frozen custard! When he came to Toronto in 2005, he realized the City is missing out on his favourite dessert and opened his shop in the vibrant Midtown neighbourhood.

The quaint and cozy cafe  also has a small outdoor sitting area for those who like to take in the sunshine, perfect for Toronto's summer.  If you're heading there for lunch, call ahead to see what their daily special on soups, salad or sandwiches are.

Turkey & Brie Sandwich - the baguette was so fresh and we were surprised at how big the sandwich was!

Turkey & Brie Sandwich & Smoked Salmon Quiche Combo - the quiche was delectable and with a half sandwich, I was loosening my belt after this meal.

What really caught my eye was the display of sweets - from lemon meringue to blueberry pie... I need to make another visit pronto!

Photo from Jedd's Frozen Custard
After our meal, we had to get some of Jedd's Frozen Custard to go for our walk.  Talking to him, I really felt his love for cold dessert - he explained all the different ways we could enjoy it: affogato sundae or on waffles just like ice cream - but better!

He gave us a sample of the chocolate flavour as well and let me tell you... it was heavenly.  BUT, as a frozen custard virgin, I had to try the original.

It was love at first scoop.

If you're in the midtown area, make sure you make a stop at Jedd's either for brunch, lunch or a cup of affogato (frozen custard with a shot of espresso) or simply for scoop or two of the frozen custard - you'll be regretting if you don't!

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