Friday, May 30, 2014

EVENT | WonderPho - a wonderful fresh take on Vietnamese cuisine!

The first thing that comes to mind when someone suggest going for Vietnamese food, it's usually pho. While the occasional spring roll appetizer is ordered, most people usually don't stray too far from the staples. Wonderpho offers a an interesting take on traditional cuisine while staying true to the favourites that everyone loves. 

With a spacious and modern interior, it does not even feel like you are at a traditional Vietnamese restaurant as most are not heavily decorated.

We were at Wonderpho to attend a tasting dinner as well as an after party hosted by Popup Markets. Even as someone who always prefers a cocktail over a beer, I was extremely pleased at how great the craft beer they offer tasted. A personal favourite is definitely their 905 lager. Keep updated on their websites for upcoming Popup Markets events! Be sure to grab a waffle while you`re there!  

Taro chips with guacamole - the taro chips were super tasty and we kept wanting more even knowing that we had so many more dishes to sample! The chips were crunchy but did not taste oily at all. 

Shrimp summer rolls - Tiger shrimp wrapped in rice paper

Pork Spring Rolls

Assorted pho broths - It's great that Wonderpho caters to everyone's needs by offering an assortment of broth including beef, seafood, mushroom, tong yum etc. All the broths are made separately so diners can be certain that their broth of choice is not mixed with any of the other broths. 

 Vietnamese Fried Chicken (VFC) - coconut milk battered fried chicken

Calamari - coconut milk battered calamari with spicy mayo. 

Nem Nuong - lemongrass pork, peanut, hoisin, coriander in a lettuce wrap 

Surf and Turf - fried shrimp with chicken pate. This was definitely one of the more interesting dishes because of the pairing. The chicken pate was a great condiment to have with the fried shrimp and gave the dish so much flavour. 

Lettuce Wraps - do it yourself wraps

Sticky riced stuffed chicken 

Overall all the dishes we tried were creative and tasty and it`s definitely worth the drive as they offer so much more than just pho.

Wonderpho and Popup Markets put on a great event that started off with delicious Vietnamese cuisine and ended with great company and good drinks and snacks! 

-The meal was complimentary but opinions are our own.-
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