Monday, May 05, 2014

REVIEW | Cagneys - newly renovated but...

Cagney's has been around in Streetsville for a very long time and has always been a local favourite. Since its recent renovations, it now operates as an upscale lounge restaurant. We were excited to visit and see whether the renovations and new menu made a turn for the better or for the worse. 


The interior atmosphere of the restaurant is definitely in line with what they envisioned. The lighting is reminiscent of a club or lounge you would found in downtown Toronto. For those who have been to Streetsville, this change may prove to be a bit on the puzzling side as nothing else in Streestville mirrors the establishments one might find in Toronto's entertainment district. 

Fish Tacos

Pickled Beet Salad - the salad was a bit on the sour side but the deep fried goat cheese was definitely tasty and interesting to try. 


Vegas Frites - these fries were highly recommended by people who had visited Cagney's and they were good but nothing spectacular. It seems a little troubling that of all the menu items, the dish that most people recommend is a fries appetizer. 

 No-Bake Cheesecake 

 Brownie with Ice Cream

Apple crumble

Of the three desserts, the brownie with ice cream was definitely the best. The no bake cheesecake was probably the lighter of the three. They did not have a dessert menu when we were there as they were still hashing out the final menu items so you'll have to ask the waiter for dessert recommendations.

Overall, we were slightly disappointed with the newly renovated restaurant. Most of the menu items were overpriced for average dishes and while the server was attentive, they may have been a little bit too attentive. The waitress cleared our table and food without asking whether we were finished. 

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