Tuesday, April 22, 2014

EVENT | Yum Cha TO Recap - a dim sum festival with Me.N.U, GwaiLo, Babi & Co., Linda Modern Thai, Canoe, Hot Bunzz, Feast TO & La Brea!

There was a lot of buzz about Toronto's very first Dim Sum Festival, called YumchaTO.  Being dim sum lovers ourselves, we didn't hesitate to buy tickets to attend.  It was held at a two-story building in the heart of Chinatown and although ventilation seemed to be a bit of an issue, that didn't stop us from indulging in as many dishes as we could!  


Yum Cha literally means to 'drink tea' (kind of like how the British do their Afternoon Tea) and if you've been to dim sum before, it's a number of smaller dishes that consist of bite-sized treats, both sweet and savoury.  Even if you're not a fan of traditional dim sum, yumchaTO offers a great way to experience what it's all about, as their dishes were created with a modern take on dim sum.
There were a total of 8 vendors at the first Yum Cha event - check them out below:

 Gwai Lo Toronto: @Ningachefnick
Big Mac Bao &  Caplansky's Smoked Meat Spring Rolls

 meNu Food Truck: @meNuFoodTruck
Green Onion Pancake Roll with Pulled Beef Brisket, Thai Bean Curd Spring Roll & 3 Jacked Pigs

Hot Bunzz: @HotBunzzTO
Emperor's (Not So) Traditional BBQ Pork Bun, Golden Curry BBQ Duck Bun & King Mushroom 5 Cheese & Pea Shoots Bun

Canoe with John Horne
Heart Cold Roll, Game Steam Bun,  Shrimp & Scallop Dumpling

 Feast TO: @FeasTOronto
Pho Dumplings, TomYum Dumplings & Chrysanthemum Iced Tea
La Brea Food: @LaBreaFoodTO
Dos Cerditos Bo Zai Fan & Camarones "Juan"ton Gow

 Babi & Co: @babianco
Braised Pork Belly on a Fried Bun, Coconut Chicken Sticky Rice, Green Onione Pancake with Indian Spiced Salsa

 Linda Modern Thai: @LindaModernThai
Steamed, Fried & Chilled Dimsum Trio - Chicken Lemongrass Siu Mai, Prawn & Sticky Rice Roll and Pandan Custard with Dulce De Leche
Also, Thai Iced Tea was offered!

With $10 admission and each vendors selling their dish under $5 got us full quickly.  The dishes were traditional with an innovative twist and most importantly, delicious!  Couldn't complain about the portions either.  It was definitely a Sunday afternoon, well spent.

With high demands, there will be a second Yum Cha Dim Sum Festival on Sunday, May 4th! There's a new line-up of vendors including Momofuku Daisho, Parts & Labour, County Cocktail, Chantecler!

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