Tuesday, April 01, 2014

REVIEW | Wonton Chai Noodle - a great spot for quick and delicious noodles!

If you're looking for a quick meal with great value, Wonton Chai Noodle is the place to go! With a simple .menu, you won't have to over think what you want to order. If wonton is in the name of their restaurant, you  can be sure that they make a great wonton! 

The restaurant is not very big and on a busy weekend lunch you can expect to share a table with people you don't know. The customer turnover is so high you probably won't even be in the restaurant for longer then 45 minutes. 

The Pork with Chili & Tomato Sauce Lo Mein  had the perfect amount of spice and didn't over power the noodles. 

The Dumplings in Soup is only available on the weekends so if you're there on a Saturday or Sunday be sure to order a bowl! You can either order it plain with the soup or with the noodles. The dumplings are huge and the shrimp was very fresh! 

The Beef Slice Noodle in Soup was tasty but I definitely preferred the dumplings over the beef. 

Just a reminder that they are not open on Wednesdays - we had to find out the hard way but for $5 (plus tax and tip), you can get a great bowl of noodles and have enough time to grab a coffee at Tim Hortons after! They also have their own homemade chili available for sale at the restaurant!

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