Thursday, April 03, 2014

LAUNCH | PayPal launches #PayPalIt, your digital wallet & a new way to pay at restaurants & food trucks!

We're sure you all heard of PayPal before - yes, we're talking about the biggest money transfer system that you use to pay for stuff, online.  Now, PayPal is letting users pay offline with their new mobile app.  They've partnered up with Touch Bistro, a super innovative and efficient Point Of Sale system that allows diners to simply check in, and PayPal-it. 

Do you ever run into any of these issues?
- Line at your coffee shop is way too long and you're already running late for work?
- Need to get in and out of a restaurant as soon as you can?
- Limited time on your lunch to eat what you really want?
- Going out for lunch and all you have space in your pocket for is your phone?
PayPal could be the solution to your woes! We recently went to an event called 'happy hour with PayPal' at the wonderful Boehmer Restaurant and learned what it really means to check-in with PayPal and #PayPalIt.

Teddy Chau Photography
Teddy Chau Photography

So what exactly is "check in" with PayPal? You basically open the app in your phone and check-in (just like how you do with yelp or foursquare) to tell the merchant that you're there. You simply let the waiter/waitress know when you're ready to leave and that you'd like to pay with PayPal and you're good to go!

Teddy Chau Photography

No more counting bills and waiting for change - those days are over! You can even choose what percentage of tip you want to leave with the preset amounts or customize your own.

What if you need to split the bill? Not a problem, let the waiter/waitress know - they'll do the magic of splitting the bill and you can pay your portion with PayPal and the other guests can choose their own methods of payment. You can even send money through the app so if you want to pay the bill first and have everyone pay you back after.

Checking in with PayPal is currently already available in 50+ restaurants in Toronto and continues to grow.  Use the PayPal app at classics like Capalansky's  to new joints like Snakes and LagersDid we mention that the 50 restaurant also include food trucks?

Not only do we love the convenience of being able to check-in so easily at a restaurant, but the app has your photo on it and makes every visit to your coffee shop seem a little bit more personal each time you go! Become a regular for special offers just for you!

The PayPal app is available for free in iOS, Andriod and Windows.

Teddy Chau Photography
We absolutely loved the venue of choice for the launch at BoehmerIt is such an open and modern space, yet rustic with its long wooden tables. Check out some of the photos from the venue and the delicious eats we had that night! 

We loved the open view kitchen.

Teddy Chau Photography
Teddy Chau Photography

Everyone enjoys a classic cheese and meat platter, right?

Kobe Sliders

Fried Chicken

Smoked trout - flavourful yet very delicate

Delicious assortment of desserts

With PayPalIt, the idea of a creditcard-less and cashless transactions mean a whole lot more. All you need is your phone and the PayPal app.  We love that it not only provides convenience but a chance to build a relationship with your local cafe or a restaurant - or a food truck!

Teddy Chau Photography

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Boehmer & of course, the team at PayPal for hosting us.
Teddy Chau Photography
 -This was a complimentary event but, opinions are our own -

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