Wednesday, April 30, 2014

REVIEW | Oh Geul Boh Beul Media Dinner - Feel good Korean food in North York

Uptown Toronto is no stranger to food lovers all across town with its dense population of Korean restaurants and other various food venues. With many franchises in that area, finding small restaurants can prove to be quite the challenge and Oh Geul Boh Geul 오글보글 certainly has its fair share of competition just two doors down from the well-known Owl of Minerva.

Named after the sound that comes from a soup stewing, OGBG offers traditional Korean fare with individual sizes as well as dishes for the whole table to share.  Perhaps the most well-known feature of OGBG is their generous ban chaan offerings. Don’t be alarmed if you find your table being taken over with baan chan including the staples such as kimchi, sweet potato, bean sprouts etc. 

With the aroma of food cooking in the air, OGBG’s atmosphere mirrors closely to family owned restaurants in South Korea.

As was mentioned earlier, OGBG takes side dishes quite seriously and makes sure every table gets the whole nine yards.

A few of our foodie friends enjoying a very full and satisfying meal.

A personal favourite, the tang soo yuk is a Korean take on a popular Chinese dish and while we find a lot of tangsooyuk dishes can be a tad heavy on the vinegar, this one was done extremely well.

The tang soo yuk and boo daw jung gol were definitely some of the top picks out of all the dishes we tried that night.

For those who frequently eat Korean cuisine, it comes as no surprise that you the aroma of the food is quite strong so it's great to have a restaurant that serves good quality food like you would eat at home without all the prep and aroma! 

- This meal was complimentary but opinions are our own -

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