Monday, April 21, 2014

REVIEW | Fresh On Eglinton Review - Toronto's modern vegetarian food & made-to-order juice bar since 1999

Fresh Restaurants has been around for 15 years (and counting), so why haven't I been there before? It was just this past week that I finally made a visit for lunch and from hearing about those quinoa battered onion rings, my expectations were high!  I went to the Fresh on Eglinton, the newest location by the Fresh chain.  The other 3 locations are spread throughout downtown Toronto.

As a total carnivore (well, I love my salads too, but I can never give up meat), when I go to a restaurant I always tend to order something with some type of meat or fish. With that said, it took me a while to look through the extensive menu at Fresh!  When we walked in, it was a lively, welcoming and friendly atmosphere with a bunch of people waiting for their take-out lunches, people ordering their fresh juices or shakes and a pretty much full dine-in area.

Fresh Restaurants offer satisfying and crave-able vegetarian food, which could be a surprise to carnivores like me.  I love fresh produce, but some of their creative soba noodle bowls and burritos had my mouth watering!  You can be assured that what you eat at a Fresh Restaurant will definitely be a healthy choice as they make their food daily in-house, using only whole, natural ingredients.

Now, for my lunch! We wanted to go with something light for lunch so we ordered two items from the 'tasters' menu and each got a bowl of daily soups.  It was only when they brought the food to us, that we realized how big the portions are here!

Quinoa Battered Onion Rings ($6.00) with Curry Mayo Dip ($1.00)

Sweet Potato Fries ($7.00)  with Avocado Chipotle Dip ($1.00)

Cauliflower & Ginger Puree Soup Bowl ($6.00)

Green Split Pea Soup Bowl ($6.00)

We did have get the rest of our onion rings and sweet potatoes to go to snack on in the afternoon but probably next time, we would order a cup of soup! That way, there's more room for other things on the menu.  

I had no idea that a vegetarian-menu could be so delicious and crave-able.  I find that eating healthy also means spending a little more $ at retailers but at Fresh, for the same price, you're getting a much more fulfilling portion packed with satisfying ingredients! I am totally converted to a fresh-aholic... can you tell?  Especially with the weather warming up, I can't wait to stop by for one of their green smoothies and vegetables juices - YUM!

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