Tuesday, February 04, 2014

REVIEW | Royal Boonsik 로얄분식 - spicy rice cake, fish cake soup, tempura veggies, kimbap & more Korean fast food!

When you're in Koreatown, or Uptown, there's an abundance of restaurants that offer 'Boonsik.'  Boonsik basically means Korean fast food that is prepared and served fast with typical menus  being mandoo (dumplings), dukbokki (spicy rice cakes), and twee-gim (various deep fried veggies).  One restaurant that offers boonsik that has been consistently offering delicious food is none other than Royal Boonsik in Koreatown.

I have had food from this restaurant for years and years, before they opened the store on Bloor St, which exists today.  They used to be a Mandoo/Dumpling specialty stores in the Weston area.  My parents would only go to them for dumplings, so let me assure you that they're one of the best in Toronto!

The interior is neat and clean with enough seating for about 30-40 diners.  Because the food is prepared fast, diners typically are seated for an hour max (not that there's a limit).

With boonsik fast food it's best to go with a few friends so you can order one of everything and share.  Which is what I do - if I'm just with one other friend, I order 3-4 entrees, just because I like to have choices when I eat!

Sorry for the bad food pictures, I'll try to take better ones of individual places next time!

Fish Cake Soup, Deep Fried Veggies & Deep Fried Dumpling

Spicy Rice Cake & Boiled Dumplings

I love that the spicy rice cake is super saucy. I use that sauce for dip my deep fried dumplings, veggies & kimbap (Korean roll) in!  Their house-made dumplings are also delicious.  That one is a must, when you're wondering what to order.  I enjoy them so much that we even do take-out when we're in the area!

With the opening of the store in Koreatown, they offer a lot more on their menu - all Korean favourites!  Not only do they have the fast food menu that I mentioned, they also have kalgooksoo (noodles), stirefry plates, and nengmyun (cold noodles).

Definitely go there for a quick bite if you're in the area!  Not only is the food good, but the friendly service will put a smile on your face... and your tummy ;)

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