Wednesday, March 05, 2014

REVIEW | Heart Sushi - all you can eat at the touch of a button

You know you're living in the 21st century when you order food from an iPad. With it's sleek and contemporary decor in addition of that, Heart Sushi is definitely modern. It offers an a la carte menu as well as all you can eat and is comparable to the better all you can eat restaurants we've been to.

We've been twice now, once on a weekend and once during the week. Both times we were there, the restaurant was quite busy, which was extremely surprising for a Tuesday night. The all you can eat price for dinner is $24.99 regardless of whether it's a weeknight or a weekend.

It was definitely better the first time we went but having said that, it's still a fairly good option in Mississauga. 

Their menu has a lot of options including sashimi, rolls, fried goods, salads, Korean fare, pad thai, fried rice... you name it, they probably offer it. You choose everything that you want except for the dessert on the iPad and then call the server over to enter your order. The food comes out pretty quickly. 

We ordered a lot of food but here are a few shots of what we ate! 

Salmon Salad

Grilled eggplant

Assorted Sashimi

Salmon chips - you definitely have to order these! Salmon sashimi on a innovative! 

Grilled mackerel 

Dynamite roll

Chicken satay skewers

Fresh spring rolls and banana roll

Fried milk - this was tasty but the second time we came, it came out and the middle was lukewarm when it's suppose to be hot. 

Overall, Heart Sushi offers great value and variety for an all you can eat restaurant in Mississauga. The service can be a bit slow when it's busy but nothing that will make you angry. We would advise against going close to when they close because they start cleaning when you're still eating and you don't get as much time to order all the food that you want.

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