Monday, March 17, 2014

REVIEW | Dai Ichi - Mississauga's Japanese/Korean restaurant offering a la carte Sushi

It’s a constant struggle deciding on where to go for Japanese food. So many factors go into deciding whether it’s going to be all you can eat or a one that only offers a la carte. My bottomless pit of a stomach wants to go for all you can eat but you have to factor in that quality may be sacrificed for quantity.  We finally decided to go to Dai Ichi – an a la carte Japanese restaurant that has been in business for many years. 

It’s pretty typical to find a Japanese restaurant that not only offers Japanese dishes but also Korean dishes but we decided to stick with Japanese. Having said that, you will still get the standard Korean side dishes consisting of pickled vegetables, bean sprouts and potatoes. 

The combo boat 1 includes 20 pieces of assorted sashimi, sushi and maki. It’s already pre-set but if you have strong preferences over what you eat, the restaurant will be accommodating.  The sashimi definitely tasted fresh and it was a good variety of fish in the boat. 

The tempura udon set was a little bit disappointing compared to the boat. The noodles were average and the tempura batter was not as crispy and light and we would have preferred.

Overall, we would consider Dai Ichi to be an average restaurant boasts a moderate to high price range menu.  It was also pretty busy the night we went and there were only 3 servers so service was a bit slow. In the future, we will definitely stick to getting sashimi and sushi as it seems this is what they do best. 

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