Friday, February 07, 2014

REVIEW | Luma for Winterlicious 2014 - another O&B restaurant that doesn't disappoint

Located in the Tiff Bell Lightbox, Luma is another restaurant by Oliver & Bonacini that doesn’t disappoint. Its understated entrance does not do justice to the atmosphere of the restaurant. The restaurant is classy and spacious and leaves more than enough arm space between you and the next table to let you have a comfortable conversation with your diners. 

After we were seated, we were served our drinks and complimentary bread.  The ciabatta buns with hummus and oil were quite tasty. The buns were very soft and warm and the hummus was an excellent alternative to the oh so familiar butter or olive oil with balsamic vinegar. 

The Winter Radish & Scarlet Globe Turnip Salad was very refreshing and for someone who is not normally a huge fan of radish, I was pleasantly surprised. Radish on its own is normally quite bland but the yellow beet tahini dressing complemented it quite well. 

Fregola & Mixed Bean Salad topped with a 62.5 degree celsius hen's egg. Why the specific temperature with the egg...? Because there is an art to the perfect poached egg. 62.5 degrees is the perfect temperature where the yolk and the egg white is the same consistency and when you cut into the egg, you'll know you've witnessed food art. 

The Ricotta Ravioli is a classic vegetarian option that gives you cheese, carbs and vegetables all in one bowl.

The Roasted Trout with Brown Butter Bay Scallops was delicious. The trout was cooked perfectly and tasted smooth and creamy. The only thing that would have made the dish better was a little less butter with the scallops and glazed roots and puffed wild rice as it got a little too rich towards the end. 

If you need to pull an all nighter, the Chocolate & Espresso Budino is for you! The espresso is so strong and almost completely overpowers the taste of the chocolate. 

Absolutely loved that Grey Owl Goat Cheese was an option on their dessert menu even though some places might classify this as an appetizer. The goat cheese was smooth and the sweetness of the date and crunchiness of the pistachio along with the crisp baguette brought the whole dessert together. 

The server was amazing and super attentive, we never had to wait for anything and he made sure to check up on us consistently! 

If you would like to try more than just their Winterlicious menu but not sure, check out their Valentines Day menu! Whether you're going alone, on a date or in a group, Group Love at Luma is perfect for you!

You can either dine with a group of three or more or join in a communal table and

enjoy a great meal while meeting new people. Check it out here for more information on their shareable menu for groups of three or the communal table!

Both events are available this coming Friday and Saturday night :)
Share the love, skip the romance this Valentine's day at Luma! 

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